3750mm coated paper machine is divided into two sets of left-right paper machine. 3750mm coated paper machine is mainly consist of wire section, press section, dry section, transmission section and accessory equipment:

Wire Section: The main components: breast roll , forming board, dewatering board, vacuum box, combined roll, vacuum couch roll, wire-driving roll, wire-guiding roll and frame etc. The top layer, top lining layer, core layer, bottom lining layer, bottom layer , each is with a forming wire.

Press Section: divided into 1st press, 2nd press, 3rd press. 1st press and 2nd press are large diameter press roll, each equipped with top and bottom each separately one metal roll coated with rubber; 3rd press is gloss press, with a stone roll, a metal roll coated with rubber. 1st press, 2nd press are equipped with felt roll and felt suction box, and equipped with top and bottom felt. 1st press, 2nd press, 3rd press pressurized type is oil hydraulic cylinder pressure.

Dry Section: Adopt dry cylinders group with the diameter of 1500 or 1800, closed gearbox transmission

Transmission Section: mainly composed of motor, hard gear reducer, universal shaft, coupling and frequency conversion control

Accessory Equipment: calender, sizing machine, reeling machine

Main Parameter:

Paper Grade: Coating Board Paper or LWC

Basis Weight: 200~350g/㎡

Trimmed Width: 3750mm

Working Speed: 1000m/min

Production Capacity: 346t/d

Control System: DCS System and QCS System

A set of suitable excellent pulping and screening equipment can be produced for the production of 3750 coated paper machine. If you have interest on our machine, welcome to contact us by email:leizhanpapermachine@gmail.com

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