3600mm kraft paper machine adopt waste paper to produce various paper, includes kraft paper, fluting paper, cardboard paper, bobbin paper, sheet lining, cup paper, etc.

Main Technical Parameters:

Net Paper Width: 3600mm
Raw Material: Recycled Kraft Paper, Kraft Paper
Gram: 50~120g/㎡
Guage: 5000mm
Working Speed: 350m/min
Capacity: 75-100T/D
Transmission Way: AC Frequency Fractional Drive
Arrange Mode: Left and Right Hand Machine

Configuration Form of 3600mm Kraft Paper Machine:


Forming section: multi mould, pressure mould former, super-formed, single fourdrinier, dual fourdrinier and stacked mould.

Pressing section: open press, vacuum press, large roll diameter press, composite press section includes three rolls and two presses.(i.e.: K press), 606 structural composite press, etc.

Drying section: consists of multi cylinders. The transmission mode includes open large gear and enclosed gear box transmission.All types of sizers, hot-roller, and breaker stack.

Complete section: all types of cylindrical winders and horizontal winders, etc.

Converting: all types of ordinary rewinders.

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