Toilet paper is an essential daily paper for people. 3200mm High Speed Tissue Paper Machine can suit for various raw material, such as cotton pulp, reed pulp, bagasse pulp, wheat straw pulp, wood pulp and waste paper pulp.

Technical Parameters:

Main Product: Tissue Paper
Trimmed Width: 3200mm
Base Width: 13 ~ 30g/㎡
Working Speed: 140~180m/min
Production Capacity: 10t/d
Max Paper Roll Diameter: 3000mm
Yankee Cylinder Diameter: 5480mm
Steam Pressure: 800kPa

Machine Parameters:

Dry Cylinder: 2500mm×3650mm
Carrier Roller: 600mm×3650mm
Cylinder Mould: 1500mm×3650mm
Felt Guide Roll: 219mm×3650mm

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