Posted on 9 月 27, 2017


Recently the price of papermaking raw material increases in an unusual speed. In September,the price raises once every three or four days. The raise of recycling waste paper price is particularly obvious, which is twice as last year.The import wood pulp price raise, too. At the same, with the raise of paper price, the tissue paper discount packages is less than before.

As for the raise for this large increase of papermaking raw material price, the first reason is the much attention for environmental protection. Some merchant is searching for other packaging material to replace papermaking paper. Another reason is that the raw material is less then before. What’s more, the labor cost increases, too. The cost of waste paper recycling is higher. Therefore, it’s not hard to understand why the price increases once for several days.

Anyhow, the raising of paper price changes people’s consumption habit, which is more environmental. The most obvious point is that the sales volume of paper boxes is lower then before.

Some industry delegates conjecture that, if the price continue increasing in this way, the market demand will reduce, and the price can’t increase anymore. What’s more, the substitute goods will be researched and developed, which can restrain the rising tendency.