In September, 2016, Leizhan supplied full set of kraft paper pulp making line machine has successfully commissioning in Xinjiang Hengfa Paper Co., Ltd.

Kraft Paper Pulping Machine in Xinjiang

Leizhan delivered high quality kraft paper pulping machine for Xinjiang customer, such as Chain conveyor, Drum pulper, Mid consistency pressure screen, Reject separator, Light impurity separator, High density cleaner, Low density cleaner, etc.

Drum pulper: can be used for continuous breaking and pulping of waste paper material under the high consistency. Drum Pulper can maximum keep the physical property of the fiber.
High density cleaner: mainly applied to remove all kinds of heavy impurities in paper pulp, like staples, stones, glasses, etc. in stock preparation system.
Light impurity separator: can used for dealing with tail pulp in the coarse screening section of pulp making line.

Customer information

Time: 2016
Customer company: Xinjiang Hengfa Paper Co., Ltd.
Address: Aksu, Xinjiang, China

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