Yankee Dryer Cylinder

The yankee dryer cylinder is one of the important equipment in the paper machine, and it plays a key role in the paper manufacturing process. The dryer cylinder is mainly used to evaporate the moisture in the wet paper so that the paper can be dried quickly.

Yankee dryer cylinder usually consist of multiple layers of rollers, with hot air passing through each layer to accelerate the drying process of the paper. These rollers provide heat through a high-temperature steam or hot air supplier to rapidly dehydrate the paper as it passes through the dryer cylinder. The temperature and humidity in the dryer cylinder must be closely controlled to ensure that the paper does not become too dry or too wet. The design and operation of the dryer cylinder directly affects the quality and production efficiency of the paper.

A high-quality drying cylinder should have good thermal conductivity, efficient air volume control and a reliable temperature adjustment system to ensure the uniformity and stability of the paper during the drying process. In the modern papermaking industry, advanced dryer cylinder technology has made significant progress, making paper drying faster and more efficient. Welcome to contact us for more details. Email address: flutingpapermachine@gmail.com.

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