Wire Tube Paper Machine

The wire tube paper machine is a paper production equipment used to manufacture wire tube paper and is one of the continuous papermaking machines. Wire tube paper is a hollow cylindrical paper product commonly used in textile, wire and cable, tobacco and other industries. The wire tube paper machine evenly spreads the pulp on a rotating mesh metal screen, and forms a cylindrical wet paper inside the wire tube, and then goes through the process steps of pressing, drying, and shaping. , and finally form wire tube paper.

Main Structures of Wire Tube Paper Machine

1. Pulp supply system: responsible for transporting pulp to the spinning web for paper making.
2. Wire tube part: includes wire tube and wire tube rotation system, which are used to form the basic structure of the wire tube paper.
3. Press part: the paper is compacted and dewatered by press rollers.
4. Drying part: use hot air, drying rollers and other equipment to evaporate the moisture in the paper and make it dry.
5. Shaping and rewinding: the paper is processed and shaped by the shaping device and then rolled into a roll.

As a special papermaking equipment, the wire tube paper machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, stability and reliability, and is widely used in the production of wire tube paper. Welcome to contact us for more details. Email address: flutingpapermachine@gmail.com.

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