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The recycling of waste paper is to reuse paper and use recycled fiber to make paper, which can greatly save resources and reduce pollutant emissions. In foreign countries, waste paper is called the forest resource in the city, because whether it is waste newspaper, book paper, office paper, or kraft paper, carton, corrugated paper, etc., it is a valuable fiber raw material. Waste paper can be used to produce kraft paper, corrugated paper or T-paper, etc. Whole set paper recycling machine supplier from China.

Types of Recovered Paper and Final Products

OCC/ LOCC/ Wood Pulp: Cardboard paper, kraft paper, corrugated paper, T-paper, gray board paper, testliner.
Wood Pulp/ Waste White Shavings/ Waste Book Paper/ Magazine: Writing paper, printing paper/ office A4 paper/ culture paper
Wood Pulp/ Waste White Shavings/ Waste Book Paper/ Magazine: Tissue paper, toilet paper, napkin paper, handkerchiefs
AOCC: Cardboard, container board

Waste Paper Recycling Pulping Line Flow Chart

Waste paper → Pulping → High density cleaning → Coarse screen → Fractionating screen → Low density cleaning → Fine screen → Multiple disc thickener → Heat dispersion system → Disc refiner → Low density cleaning → Inflow pressure screen → Paper machine

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