Waste paper is used widely to produce high quality paper, has become an significant raw material for paper industry. Leizhan supplies tailored waste paper recycling line for paper mills based on raw materials types, final paper quality and production capacity, power consumption, etc. Leizhan manufacture and offer advanced pulp and paper making machine for the whole waste paper recycling line.

Waste Paper Recycling Line

Take 150T/24H waste paper recycling line for example, Leizhan designs the following solutions for paper mills to produce fine finished pulp for kraft paper making.

150T/24H Waste Paper Recycling Line

First of all, Using Chain conveyor for conveying waste paper, paper board to pulper.

Then, use D type hydrapulper for pulping and breaking waste paper and screening out impurities in paper pulp.

Secondly, Using High density cleaner for removing heavy impurities like staple, sand, stones in paper pulp.

After pulp cleaning, Inclined screen will used for screening and washing of paper pulp.

Then, Mid consistency pressure screen for coarse screening of paper pulp. Reject separator will be for removing light impurity in paper pulp.

After coarse screening, Mid density cleaner used for removing heavy impurity in paper pulp.

Then, Mid consistency pressure screen used for fine screening of paper pulp.

At Last, Inflow pressure screen before paper machine will be used for fine screening of paper pulp.

In addition, Pulp chest agitator for keeping pulp in even distribution and suspension condition.

Pulp pump will be used for transporting liquid or solid material in paper making industry.

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