Waste paper board can be used to produce fine paper likepackaging paper, kraft paper board, corrugated paper board, etc. Leizhan supplies complete set of waste paper board processing line for paper mills. Apart from high quality pulp and paper making machine, Leizhan also supply tailored solutions for waste paper board processing line.

Waste Paper Board Processing Line

Waste Paper Board Pulp Processing Line

Pulping: Waste paper boards are conveyed by Chain conveyor into the Hydrapulper like Drum pulper, D type hydrapulper for pulping.

Cleaning: Pulp will be conveyed into Pulp cleaner for removing heavy impurities in paper pulp.

Screening: Use a series of Pulp screening machine like Pressure screen, Vibrating screen, Reject separator, etc. to remove oversized, troublesome and unwanted particles from good paper making fibers.

Paper Making Machine Leizhan Supplied

Leizhan can supply the high quality paper making machine like kraft paper making machine, corrugated paper making machine, tissue paper making machine, coating board paper machine, culture paper making machine based on customer’s demands.

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