The vacuum disc filter is mainly used for the recovery of white water in the wire section of the paper machine and the concentration and washing of pulp line pulp. When used for pulp concentration, outlet concentration is high, up to 10%-14%. High efficiency, high quality and no fiber loss.

Disc Filter White Water Treatment Line

Imlet concentration: 0.2-0.6%
Outlet concentration: 4-6%
Fine filtrate concentration: 20-100mg/L
Rotating speed: 0.15-1.5r/min
Capacity: 1.5-3.5m³/㎡·h

Disc Filter Pulp Thickening Line

Imlet concentration: 0.3-1.5%
Outlet concentration: 5-15%
Fine filtrate concentration: 100ppm
Rotating speed: 0.15-2r/min
Capacity: 0.5-2t/㎡·d

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