Thickening equipment ZNP series disc thickener is widely used for washing and thickening of waste paper pulp, wood pulp, cotton pulp, reed pulp, rice and wheat straw pulp in pulp and paper industry. ZNP Series Disc Thickener is also used for filtering other types of fiber suspension in other industry.

Thickening Equipment ZNP Series Disc Thickener

Advantages of ZNP series Disc Thickener

Leizhan advanced pulp thickening equipment ZNP Series Disc Thickener has the advantages of cylinder mould rotated speed can be stepless changed according to the concentration of slurry and types of slurry, compact whole steel structure slurry tank, high capacity per unit area, good thickening effect, cylinder mould surface adopts plastic filter plate combined type, easy to replace and maintain, portable spray cleaning, filter can clean pulp thoroughly, low power consumption.

Thickening Equipment Leizhan to Supply

In addition to ZNP series disc thickener, Leizhan also supplies many other pulp thickening machines for paper mill, like ZNX Series Inclined Screw Thickener, ZFM Flotation Deinking Machine, ZNG High-speed Stock Washer, etc.

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