The Reject Separator is specially designed to handle the tailings of equipment such as pressure screens, etc. Reject Separator instruction includes upper cover, rotor, sieve plate, base, etc.

1. The upper cover is connected with the base through the flange, and the inner cavity is of a rake type, and the upper cover is opened, and the sorter can be inspected, cleaned or replaced with a screen plate. In order to wash the tailings, a row of water spray pipes are installed on both sides of the upper cover.
2. The instruction of rotor: Rotor is a special hollow shaft with an axial swept blade and helical alternately arranged sorting blades. Sweep blades and sorting blades are used for tapping, tearing and stripping the tailings, throwing tailings into the swirl chamber, and effectively cleaning the screen plates to keep the screen holes open.
3. The instruction of sieve plate: Sieve plate is semi-circular and made of stainless steel plate. The sieve plate has a variety of sizes of sieve holes. The user can choose according to the conditions of the raw materials and the conditions of use. The sieve plate is processed by drilling, deburring and polishing to achieve the technical requirements of smoothness, smoothness, and no hanging pulp.
4. The instruction of base: Base is used to install the screen plate, cover, rotor and other components. The fine slurry passed through the screen hole is discharged from the discharge port in the base, and the separated impurities are discharged from the tailings of the base.

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