Four layer cardboard paper machine mainly used for cardboard paper making. This cardboard paper machinery is consist of headbox, wire section, press section, front drying section, oblique surface sizing machine, back drying section, calender section and reel section.

Press Section of Four Layer Cardboard Paper Machine

Press section of four layer cardboard paper machine is divided into first press, second press, third press and fourth press.
The first press is vacuum press with vacuum suction roll which equipped with one rubber coated metal roller, one vacuum press roll;
The second and third press are all MG press and each with one upper and lower rubber coated metal roll;
The fourth press is glossy press which equipped with one stone roller and one rubber covered metal roller.
The first three press are respectively equipped with wire guiding roll and felt suction box and upper & lower felts. These four press is pressurized by the hydraulic cylinder pressure.

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