Paper pulping machine D Type Hydrapulper is suitable for all kinds of pulp board, damaged paper and waste paper. Through dissociating, it can maximum make the paper’s fiber dissociating into fiber bundles or single fibers, while at the same time, it can maximize maintain impurity’s shape and strength.

D Type Hydrapulper adopts energy-saving VOKES rotor which deviates from the center so that make paper material and rotor contact more quickly and frequently. It can shorten the paper into pulp material handling time and improve the production capacity without any increase in power and volume.

Advantages Of D Type Hydrapulper

Paper Pulping Machine D Type Hydrapulper can promptly crushing waste paper, with large capacity, low power consumption, and saving vapour medication. And it is easy to maintain, with long service life, low noise, and the vibration is not strong, in stable operation, also it can save energy.

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