Double Disc Refiner is currently an ideal pulping equipment in the paper industry. It is suitable for continuous pulping of chemical pulp, mechanical pulp, waste paper pulp and other pulp types. Double Disc Refiner is made of high-quality materials, and all parts in contact with the pulp are made of high-quality stainless steel.

The refining process of Double Disc Refiner occurs between its fixed disc grinding disc and moving disc grinding disc, and the gap between the two grinding areas can be adjusted. In addition, Double Disc Refiner adopts the structure of double pulp outlets and single pulp inlet, which makes the pulp evenly distributed.

Double Disc Refiner is a first-class pulping equipment developed by Leizhan. If you need pulp equipment to improve the quality of pulp, it is a good choice. Please contact us for more equipment information. Email:

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