Paper Making Drum Pulper

In waste paper recycling line, drum pulper is mainly used to continuous gentle pulping and coarse screening of waste paper under high consistency. Paper making drum pulper can continuous pulp and preliminary screen, simple process.

Main Features of Paper Making Drum Pulper

1. Waste paper is crushed at a concentration of 18% to 22%, which requires less water and reduces energy consumption.
2. The pulping conditions of the drum pulper are mild, which not only does not destroy the strength and length of the fibers, but also ensures that light impurities and some heavy impurities are not broken down to the greatest extent, thus ensuring the quality and cleanliness of the pulp.
3. It does not destroy the physical size of impurities and performs preliminary screening to discharge light impurities in the slurry from the system, reducing the load and wear of the subsequent screening process and improving screening efficiency.
4. The drum pulper integrates high-concentration crushing and rough screening. It has a simple structure, is durable and requires less maintenance.

Drum pulper is our flagship product, and drum pulper can replace the D-type continuous crushing system, thereby greatly reducing energy consumption. Welcome to contact us for more details about paper making drum pulper. Email address:

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