Paper Machine Cylinder Mold

Paper machine cylinder mold is used to receive pulp and perform preliminary dewatering and solidification. During the papermaking process, pulp enters the cylinder mold by spraying or pouring, forming a wet paper film on the cage. Moisture is gradually eliminated through the pores of the mesh cylinder mold, and the fibers gradually gather and intertwine on the mesh cage to form the basic structure of the paper.

The paper machine cylinder mold is usually composed of multiple layers, divided into an upper cylinder mold and a lower cylinder mold. The upper mesh cylinder mold is located above the injection area and is used for dispersing and dehydrating the initial pulp; the lower mesh cylinder mold is located below the upper mesh cylinder mold and is used to further press the pulp and make it more thoroughly dehydrated.

The cylinder mold plays an important role in paper making production. Paper machine cylinder mold can effectively separate the moisture in the pulp and provide basic conditions for subsequent pressing, drying and processing. If you interested in the cylinder mold, please feel free to contact us. Email address:

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