Overfeed paper rewinding machine is used for cutting and rewinding the finished paper roll depending on the required paper roll trimmed width, diameter and tightness, at the same time, removing poor quality paper and bonding breakage.

Stand in frond of bottom roller, face to paper roll, driving section is on the left hand, which called left hand machine. On the contrary called right hand machine.

Overfeed Paper Rewinding Machine

Main Structures of Rewinding Machine

Overfeed paper rewinding machine mainly consists of framework device, winding bottom roller device, slitting device, paper roll top tension device, paper guiding device, paper push device, paper back stand device, driving device, hydraulic pressure system and electricity control system, etc.

Main Specification of Rewinding Machine

Trimmed width: 2250mm

Base weight: 100-350gsm

Working speed: 450m/min

Design speed: 500m/min

Paper leading speed: 20m/min

Maximum Paper Roll Diameter: 1200mm

Feed pattern: Overfeed

Gauge: 3400mm

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