Kraft Paper Making Machine Manufacturer

Leizhan as Chinese professional kraft paper making machine manufacturer, is able to supply advanced, customized, and competitive price kraft & testliner paper making line for paper mills.

Using Leizhan kraft & testliner paper making machine, paper makers can produce top quality kraft & testliner paper with waste paper, recycled paper, commercial wood pulp,etc as raw materials.

Kraft Paper Making Machine Manufacturer

Kraft Paper Pulp Making Machine

Raw Material Conveying: Chain Conveyor
Pulper Equipment: Drum Pulper
Screening Equipment: Mid Consistency Pressure, Inflow Pressure Screen
Cleaner Equipment: High Density Cleaner, Low Density Cleaner.
Refiner Equipment: ZDP Series Double Disc Refiner

Kraft Paper Making Machine

Trimmed Width(mm): 1880-5800
Basic Weight(g/m2): 80-220
Operating Speed(m/min): 150-800
Production Capacity(t/d): 45-750

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