At present, people often use kraft paper bag when shopping, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also can be used for a long time, and has made certain contributions to the country’s resources and environmental protection. Kraft paper bags are strong, durable, beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Kraft Paper Bags Production Line include paper pulp production line and kraft paper bags paper machine. The raw material can be waste paper, recycled paper and so on. We can supply the whole set of production line.

Kraft Paper Bags Production Line

Raw material: LOCC
Chain conveyor — Drum pulper — High density cleaner — Middle consistency pressure screen — Light impurity separator — Reject separator — Low density cleaner — Fine screen — Double disc refiner

Kraft Paper Bags Making Machine

Paper grade: kraft paper
Trimmed width: 1880-5800mm
Basis wight: 80-220g/m2
Operation speed: 150-800m/min
Production capacity: 45-750t/d

Our company Leizhan is Chinese advanced Leader & Manufacturer, specializing in Pulping and Paper making equipment. If you want to star a kraft paper production line, you can contact us to get more details. Our engineer will design a suitable plan. Welcome to contact us!

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