Kraft liner board machine dryer section is used for removing remaining water of paper web by evaporation. By using Leizhan multi-cyclinder drying, it can ensure maximum paper web drying efficiency with minimum energy consumption. After drying, finished paper dryness can reach and over 92% depending on the grade.

Kraft Liner Board Machine Dryer Section

Leizhan supplies the most comprehensive pulp and paper making technologies and optimal drying solutions for paper mills.

Structure of Leizhan Dryer Section

Components of kraft liner board machine dry section contains: Dryer cylinder, Rotating joint and fixed siphon, Wire corrector, Wire tensioner, Leading roll, Paper leading roll, Dryer cylinder cleaning scraper, Lead paper cutter and device, Paper leading rope system ,Rack, Closed gear, Walking board.

Advantages of Leizhan drying solution

1. Controlled web shrinkage.
2. High end product quality.
3. Excellent dewatering result.
4. Low energy consumption.
5. Improved machine efficiency.

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