Leizhan Company attaches great importance to the interests of its customers and has developed many energy-saving pulping equipment. Energy-saving Pressure Screen is also one of them. It uses an energy-saving screen with an upflow design to feed pulp from the bottom, which can reduce the contact between heavy impurities and the rotor and drum, reducing losses.

Energy-saving Pressure Screen is a new type of energy-saving pressure screen developed by Leizhan Company on the basis of other pressure screens. It uses a specially designed rotor to achieve better screening results, and its operating energy consumption is lower, reducing the power consumption of the screening process.

In addition to pressure screens, Leizhan Company provides various types of pulping equipment, such as pulpers, cleaners, refiners, etc., to meet the needs of various pulping links. Contact us for equipment details. Email address: flutingpapermachine@gmail.com

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