AOCC Pulping Line

AOCC is a kind of raw material used by many manufacturers to produce cardboard paper. It has the characteristics of less impurities, high quality and fine classification. Usually OCC11#, OCC 12# and OCC 13# are often seen in the market. Waste paper OCC11# is waste corrugated paper containing cardboard, jute paper or kraft paper. OCC 12# refers to sorted waste box paper, free of cardboard, corrugated paper, plastic and wax. OCC 13# refers to new corrugated sheets with liners of cardboard, jute or kraft paper, and must not contain treated liners, insoluble glue, or other material fragments. AOCC pulping line included pulper machine, cleaner machine and refiner machine, etc. AOCC pulping flow chart as below.

AOCC Pulping Line Machine

D Type HydrapulperHigh Density Cleaner → Inclined Screen → Conical Refiner → Double Disc Refiner → Low Density Cleaner → Inflow Pressure Screen → Paper Machine

We can formulate a suitable pulping plan according to your raw materials, whatever OCC, AOCC or EOCC. As pofessional manufacturer, whole set paper pulping line machine can be provided by our company. Want to set paper mill, please consult us for more details. Email address:

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