Main Specification

Finished Paper Type:            Corrugated paper, top white craft, Test-liner
Base Weight:                         80-350g/㎡
Trimming Width:                    4800mm
Working Speed:                    400m/min
Design Speed:                      450m/min
Creep Speed:                        25m/min
Dynamitic Balance Speed:    550m/min
Wire Width:                            550mm
Lip Width of Head-box:          5200mm

Double Layer Kraft Paper Pulping Line

Top Liner Pulp
Raw Material: better LOCC
Pulping Capacity: 35t/d
Pulping Time: 18h
Bottom Liner Pulp
Raw Material: LOCC waste paper
Pulping Capacity: 120t/d
Pulping time: 18h

Thanks to the M.C. Pressure Screen & fiber fractionating technology, our pulping line can use only LOCC to produce the double layer kraft paper with low power consumption & investment but good profit.

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