240t Kraft Paper Machine

According to the basic conditions required by the customer and the practical experience of the same type of paper machine manufactured comprehensively, our company calculates and balances the main parameters of the project, and recommends to the customer a mature, reliable, economical and reasonable papermaking machine combined with domestic and foreign advanced technology machine plan. The technical parameters and scope of supply of the 4300mm kraft testliner paper machine are explained as follows.

Main Technical Data of 4300mm Kraft Testliner Paper Machine

Raw material: LOCC, AOCC, EOCC
Main product: kraft liner paper
Capacity: 240t/d
Basis weight: 100-300g/㎡
Trimmed width: 4300mm
Design speed: 250m/min
Working speed: 200m/min
Crawling speed: 25m/min
Gauge: 5400mm

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