Posted on 10 月 20, 2019

Vietnam a Paper Mill is an old customer of Our Company Zhengzhou Leizhan. The first time they orderd 150 tons corrugated paper making equipment, including Chain Conveyor, disintegration system, Medium Concentration Coarse Screening System, Medium Concentration fine screening System, High Density or Low Density Cleaner System, pre-net flow system, tail slag treatment system, pulp chest agitator and other complete pulping equipment.

This equipment has been use for one year, the operation is very stable, and it has achieved good market effect.
The customer is very recognized for the equipment of Leizhan.
When the paper mill needs to increase equipment, they first chose to cooperate with Leizhan, which is the biggest affirmation of our company.

This time they orderd equipment that is 20D Type Pulper, High Density Cleaner, pulp chest Agitator, single fiber separator, 550 double disc refiner, pulp pump and other complete equipment and accessories.

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