Posted on 12 月 16, 2018

drum pulper

Recently, a good news occur in our company. Leizhan successfully cooperated with the domestic paper mill in Guangxi province to send a set of pulping equipment for the production of yarn tube paper. Fuzhou Yingxin Paper CO., LTD. is located in Fuzhou city, Guangxi province, mainly engaged in the production and sales of yarn tube paper products. The delivery equipment as follows:

ZG2750 Series Drum Pulper: It is divided into feeding, pulping and screening three regions. This structure integrates pulping and screening as a whole body. The production capacity is 140 ~ 200t/d, motor power is as low as 160kw.

BFW Series Chain Conveyor: The Chain conveyor is mainly composed of driving device, tension device, link plates, chain wheel and rack. The machine adopts chain to drive through plate to transport raw materials into the drum pulper for pulping.

ZSC Series High Density Cleaner: Equipped with advanced PLC control system. It can be offline modification (the equipment in stop model or in manual model), it also can be modified online (the equipment in normal production ).

Leizhan sincerely welcome your coming. We can offer you the details about pulping and screen equipment and stock preparation line. If you have any needs about our products, please contact us: