Posted on 1 月 18, 2024

Paper Mill Machinery

Whole set recycling paper mill machinery provided by our company successfully shipped to Foshan. Main ordered machine included conveying machine, pulper machine, D type continuous pulping system, screening machine, cleaning machine. Paper mill machinery produced by our company has the advantages of high efficiency, save energy and long service life.

Paper Mill Machinery Shipped Details to Foshan

Raw material: waste paper
Shipped date: July, 2023
Conveying machine: Chain Conveyor
Pulper machine: Hydrapulper, Broken Paper Pulper
D type continuous pulping system: Ragger, Rope Cutter, Grapple
Cleaning machine: Cleaner, Slag Lifting Machine, Light Impurity Separator, Reject Separator
Screening machine: Save Energy Pressure Screen, Vibrating Screen, Inflow Pressure Screen

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