Posted on 4 月 26, 2024

An old customer from Hunan chose to sign with Leizhan again and purchased pulping equipment from Leizhan. The equipment purchased this time was Inflow Pressure Screen. Inflow Pressure Screen is an advanced pulp screening equipment that can perform fine screening of paper pulp and serve as a screen before paper machine. It is hoped that the installation of this equipment will improve the quality of pulp for the customer.

Features of Inflow Pressure Screen

1. Equipped with internationally renowned parts.
2. Internal flow structure, low pulse sieve, good homogenization effect
3. Equipped with imported sealing water device and automatic oil filling device, the operation is stable.

Leizhan Company will delve deeply into the field of paper machinery and do its best to provide high-quality, sturdy and durable pulping equipment for the paper market. If you have any pulping-related questions, please feel free to contact us. Email: