Posted on 3 月 27, 2018



Drum Pulper is mainly used in waste paper pulping process to continuously break and coarse screen of waste paper material under the high consistency.

Recently Pingyao Paper Co.,ltd. purchased a Drum Pulper for the paper pulping process. Here are the main information.
Drum Pulper Technical Data
Type: ZG Drum Pulper
Drum diameter: Φ3750mm
Work capacity: 14%-18%
Processing capacity: 550-800t/d

Working Principle

  • Since the Drum Pulper is installed with a certain degree of inclination, the waste paper is slowly moved forward by gravity in the pulping area of Drum Pulper.
  • The second part is the screening area. The slurry is diluted to a concentration of 3%-5%. The dilution water from the suction pipe installed in the upper part of the screen drum and clean the screen plate.
  • Pulping flows from the sieve in the Drum Pulper screening zone into the reservoir, and coarse impurities are removed to the other end of the Drum Pulper for discharge.

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