Posted on 3 月 24, 2019

fluting paper mill machinery

The corrugated paper production is 300t/d, so we customize a pulping line according to its production and existing conditions, and provide it with a set of high-quality pulping equipment. The delivery equipment include 4m² Inflow Pressure Screen, PZ series Reject Separator, ZSF series Hydrapurger, High Density Cleaner, Drum Screen. In addition, we offer a range of installation, commissioning and after-sales services.

These equipment are necessary for corrugated paper pulp coarse screen system. These machines separate the fiber and the coarse impurities by the centrifugal force before the slurry enters the next step. Paper pulp is screened uniformly from top to bottom without thickening, and the impurity is far away from the screen drum, which is not easily blocked.

Our company undertakes design, manufacturing, supply, erection and commissioning of paper machines & new pulp mill and modernization of existing pulp mill and paper machines on a turnkey basis. We have rich experience and capabilities in project engineering, design, manufacturing and project management.

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