Posted on 3 月 13, 2019

packaging paper pulp machinery

The Vietnam Quanmei Paper Mill is a professional manufacturer to produce High-strength Corrugated Paper. This time they ordered a set of pulp making equipment that include 1 unit BFW1400 Chain Conveyor, 1 unit 25m³ D Type Hydrapulper, Pulp Cleaner, 1 unit Light Impurity Separator, 1 unit Reject Separator, 1 unit DD Refiner, 1 unit M.C. Pressure Screen.

Equipment Benefits:

  1. ● Few quick-wear parts, long service life, low maintenance cost.
  2. ● Long pulping residence time, sufficient fiber relief, low rate fine fiber loss.
  3. ● High efficiency of deslagging. Specially designed structure separate the pulp and impurities thoroughly.
  4. ● Low motor power, low energy consumption, reduce the running cost, improve the competitiveness for per ton pulp.

We heartily hope that these devices will bring benefits to customers after they are installed soon! Leizhan is a professional manufacturer of pulping & paper making equipments. Heartily welcome to contact us if you have interest in our products: