A4 Copy Paper Production Line Malaysia

In order to meet the increasing demands of A4 copy paper, a new A4 copy paper production line started up in Malaysia successfully.

A4 Copy Paper Production Line Malaysia

In February, 2016, Leizhan supplied the customized A4 copy paper pulp production line and advanced paper making machine for Malaysia paper mill to produce high grade A4 copy paper.

Until now, the whole A4 copy paper production line has been in use at the Malaysia customer’s factory for a long time and created a good return for their investment.

A4 Copy Paper Pulp Production Line

1. Chain conveyor conveying the waste paper and commercial wood pulp into the D type hydrapulper or Drum pulper for pulping.
2. High density cleaner will be used for removing heavy impurities exist in paper pulp.
3. To improve the beating degree of the paper pulp, conical refiner and double disc refiner can be used.
4. After a series of cleaning and screening, the waste paper become fine pulp and enter into headbox for paper making.

A4 Copy Paper Production Machine

Trimmed width(mm): 1880-3750

Basic weight(g/m2): 40-80

Operating speed(m/min): 200-1200

Production capacity(t/d): 20-270

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