Generally paper mills will use waste paper and as raw materials for the production of cultural paper, which requires the removal of ink spots in the raw materials. Leizhan can provide complete paper production line equipment, including deinking line. High efficiency cultural paper deinking pulping line processing equipment, low investment and high efficiency.

Writing Culture Paper Deinking Pulping Line

High consistency hydrapulper → High density cleaner → Middle consistency pressure screen → Reject separator → Low density cleaner → Middle consistency fine screen → Front flotation deinking machine → High-Speed stock washer → Screw press washer → Heater → Disc disperser → Screw conveyor → High consistency bleaching tower

Leizhan is specialized in complete set of pulping, cleaning, screening and refing equipment, we have strong technical force, excellent numerical control processing machinery, and perfect detection means. If you are interesting in our production, you can contact us to get more details.

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