Copy Culture Paper also called A4 paper or writing paper. Leizhan can manufacture whole stock preparation line equipment from raw material pulping to final copy culture paper machine. Here are specifications of Recycling Copy Culture Paper Making Machine.

Copy Culture Paper Recycling Equipment Line

Chain conveyor — High consistency pulper — Middle consistency pressure screen — Fiber separator — Reject separator — Middle consistency fine screen — Flotation deinking machine — Bleaching tower — Double disc refiner — Inflow pressure screen

Copy Culture Paper Making Machine

Paper type: copy paper, A4 paper, cultural paper, etc
Net paper width: 3200mm
Basis weight: 40-90g/m2
Design speed: 250m/min
Operation speed: 200-250m/min
Output capacity: 30-40t/d
Gauge: 4200mm
Transmission mode: AC frequency segment transmission
Transmission power: 168kw

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