Recycled writing and printing paper making machine is used for making writing and printing paper, A4 paper, carbonless paper, and other culture paper. As professional paper machine and pulp equipment manufacturer, we supply the whole production line.

Recycled Writing And Printing Paper Making Process

Chain conveyor — High consistency pulper — Middle consistency pressure screen — Fiber separator — Reject separator — Middle consistency fine screen — Flotation deinking machine — Bleaching tower — Double disc refiner

Main Specification Of Writing And Printing Paper Making Machine

Paper grade: writing and printing paper
Trimmed width: 1880-3750mm
Basis weight: 40-80g/m2
Operating speed: 200-1200m/min
Production capacity: 20-270t/d

Our company Leizhan is a professional manufacturer of pulp and paper making machine for 40 years. We can offer the whole paper making line, include paper pulping making line and paper machine. And we can supply kind of paper machine spare part. If you want to know more about our paper making equipment, you can contact us.

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