High speed stock washer for culture paper making line is mainly used for washing and concentrating in various waste recycled pulp, chemical pulp before or after bleaching. It use remove ink particles, fillers and other small impurities from the waste culture paper pulp.

High speed stock washer has high efficient of impurities prolapse, high efficient dewatering, very clean after wash the pulp. And it is less occupied area, large production capacity, low power consumption.

Features Of High Speed Stock Washer

1. High Speed Stock Washer adopts a fully enclosed stainless steel shell, which can replace the disc thickener and inclined screw thickener, simplifying the process and reducing costs.
2. Apply advanced manufacturing technology and high level of automation.
3. Effectively remove ink particles, fillers and other small impurities to improve the whiteness of the pulp.

Leizhan is specialized in complete set of screening, slag removal, pulping and refing equipment, we have strong technical force, excellent numerical control processing machinery, and perfect detection means.
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