Raw Material: waste paper, white shavings and commodity wood pulp
Finished Paper: carbonless paper, cultural paper
Project: Carbonless Paper Making Project

Carbonless Paper Making line
Leizhan complete carbonless paper making line is used for making carbonless paper and high grade fine paper. The whole carbonless paper making line contains two sections: carbonless paper pulp processing line and carbonless paper making machine.

Carbonless Paper Pulp Processing line

Firstly, raw materials are conveyed by Chain Conveyor into Drum Pulper for pulping.
Secondly, High Density Cleaner applied to remove all kinds of heavy impurities in the pulp.
Then, we need to improve slurry beating degree to meet paper making needs by using DD Series Double Disc Refiner.
Finally, the waste paper turn into fine pulp after a series of screening and deslagging and it will be conveyed into Headbox for paper making.

Carbonless Paper Making Machine

Main structure of carbonless paper making machine:
Forming part: After the paper pulp come into the headbox, it can spreads along the fine pulp evenly on the felts, which spread along the top and bottom of rollers.
Press part: By pressing felts, it can squeeze out as much water as possible.
Dryer part: Dryers section is arranged in group to ensure it can be operate at a gradually slower speed to compensate for paper shrinkage as the paper dries. It will discharge the water content down to a level of about 6%.
Calender part: Calendering can help to make the surface of the paper more sooth and glossy. What`s more, It also can ensure consistent thickness of paper. The pressure given by the rollers applied to the web influences the finish of the paper.
Rewinding part: To make it easier for shipping and conveying, we use rewinder to shape it into rolls and use slitter to cut the product into multiple strips to meet paper makers` demands.

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