Cultural paper has been a big part of global paper consumption. It includes writing paper, art painting paper, printing paper, etc. Printing paper can be divided into newsprint, letterpress printing paper, offset printing paper, dictionary paper, etc.

Cultural paper pulping Plant mainly includes waste paper deinking Plant & commodity wood pulping Plant. We take this 180T/D Waste Paper Deinking Plant as an example to introduce cultural paper pulping Plant.

180T/D Waste Paper Deinking Plant
Pulping: Drum Pulper to separate waste paper & ink.
High Density Cleaner: to remove various kinds of heavy impurities.
Coarse screen: M.C.Pressure Screen to caorse screen; Vibrating Screen & Light Impurities to deal with coarse screen tailings.
Low Density Cleaner to remove heavy impurities.
Fine Screen: 0.5m² slot M.C.Pressure Screen to screening cultural paper pulp.
Washing: High Speed Washer. Using Flotation Deinking Machine if the capacity is large.
Refining: Double Disc Refiner for pulping & improving slurry beating degree.

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