10TD A4 Copy Paper Production Machine is suitabled for small capacity culture paper making for waste paper recycled. And the pulping equipment for waste paper pulping process can be provided by Our company.

A4 Copy Paper Pulping Process

waste paper — D Type pulper — Middle consistency pressure screen — Fiber separator — Vibrating screen — fine pressure screen — stock washer — Double disc refiner — Inflow pressure screen

A4 Copy Paper Production Machine

Raw material: waste paper, Virgin pulp, Wood pulp, etc
Product paper: A4 copy paper, Writing paper, Office paper
Net paper width: 2500mm
Basis weight: 40-80g/m²
Design speed: 120m/min
Working speed: 100m/min
Production capacity: 10T/D
Gauge: 3100mm
Transmission form: AC frequency conversion, split transmission

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