450,000 Tons Paper Making Project

Henan Yadu has signed another contract with Zhengzhou Leizhan to provide a complete set of pulping equipment to the wide 6700/1100 cardboard T paper machine. Leizhan will provide a complete pulping processing line with an annual output of 450,000 tons paper making project to Henan Yadu to prepare high-quality pulp for the high grade cardboard T paper production line of the fourth phase of the paper making project.

Wood Pulp Board Pulping Line Machine

Conveying machine: Chain Conveyor
Pulper machine: Middle Consistency Wood Pulp Hydrapulper
Cleaner machine: Wood Pulp High Density Cleaner
Refiner machine: Double Disc Refiner

Recycled Waste Paper Complete Equipment Processing Line

Conveying machine: Chain Conveyor
Pulper machine: High Efficiency Hydrapulper System
Cleaner machine: High Density Cleaner
Screening machine: Energy Saving Coarse Screen System, Fractionating Screen, Fine Screen System, Inflow Pressure Screen

The complete set of energy-saving pulping equipment supplied will help Henan Yadu improve production efficiency, optimize product quality, and further increase market competitiveness and share. If you want to know more about 450,000 tons paper making project, please contact us. Email address: flutingpapermachine@gmail.com.

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