In December, 2015, Leizhan supplied 400T/D corrugated paper production line for Henan Hongteng Paper Co., Ltd. Using waste paper, recycled paper as raw materials, Paper mill will produce 400t top quality corrugated paper with Leizhan advanced corrugated paper pulp processing machine and corrugated paper production machine.

400T/D Corrugated Paper Production Line Henan

Customer Information

Time: 2015
Company: Henan Hongteng Paper Co., Ltd.
Address: Xuchang city, Henan province, China.
Project: 400T/D Corrugated Paper Production Project

400T/D Corrugated Paper Pulp Production Line

Machines and equipment Leizhan supplied for 400T/D corrugated paper pulp processing line:

Locc paper pulp processing system: Chain conveyor, Drum pulper, High density cleaner, mid consistency pressure screen, pulp chest agitator, pulp pump, light impurities separator, reject separator,  low density  cleaner, vibrating screen, double disc refiner, etc

Paper machine approach flow system: bottom layer agitator, upper pulp pump, white water pump, bottom layer inflow pressure screen, top layer agitator, top layer low density cleaner

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