Waste paper recycling egg tray machine is used waste paper to produce egg tray. This machine is composed of pulping system, forming system and drying system. And this machine has a high strength, toughness, easy to break, and low costs.

Waste Paper Recycling Egg Tray Machine

Pulping machine: D Type Hydrapulper
Cleaning machine: High Density Cleaner, Low Density Cleaner
Screening machine: M.C. Pressure Screen, Vibrating Screen, Reject Separator

Egg Tray Making Machine

Raw Material: Waste Paper
Output: 1000pcs/h
Power: 150kw

If you want to build a egg tray making line, you can consider this machine. We will help design a specific plan to help you get a profit as soon as possible. If you are interesting in our production, you can send email to me.
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