Waste paper recycling Drum Hydrapulper machine is a new and advanced pulping equipment. Under high consistency, the Drum Hydrapulper utilizes the gravity generated by the weight of the waste paper itself to fall to the hard surface and the shear force and friction force generated by the slow rotation of the drum for pulping.

Drum Hydrapulper is simple in structure, practical and efficient, and can effectively improve the quality of waste paper pulping and reduce fiber loss.

Advantages Of Drum Hydrapulper

1. Improve the quality of pulp.
Drum Hydrapulper has mild pulping conditions, which not only does not damage the strength and length of the fibers, but also ensures that light impurities and some heavy impurities are not broken to the greatest extent, thereby ensuring the quality and cleanliness of the pulp.

2. The energy saving effect is obvious.
Waste paper can be continuously shredded under high consistency conditions of 18% to 25%. The water consumption for shredding is greatly reduced and the energy consumption for shredding is reduced.

3. Equipment maintenance costs are low and labor is saved.
The rotary drum pulper integrates the two advanced concepts of high consistency pulping and coarse screening. It is not only simple in structure, durable, and low in maintenance, but also removes some coarse impurities in advance, reducing the wear of subsequent equipment.

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