Pulping Equipment Drum Screen

Leizhan advanced drum screen work together with reject separator, can remove large light impurities like plastic, rubber, sand, sheet metal, thin films, etc. effectively in waste paper pulping process.

Pulping Equipment Drum Screen

Paper pulping equipment drum screen ensures maximum pulping ability with minimum maintenance cost in waste paper pulping system.

Advantages of Drum Screen

1.Proven technology

2.Largest processing capacity in the industry

3.Optimized helical blade and water spray system, less fiber loss

4.Easily changed screen plates

5.Small footprint

6.Low operation and maintenance costs

Pulp Processing Machine Leizhan Supplies

Leizhan suppliers a wide variety of paper pulping machinery, in addition to Drum screen, Chain conveyor, Drum pulper, Mid consistency pressure screen, Fiber separator and Inflow pressure screen, etc are also included in the paper pulp processing system.

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