Paper Recycling Drum Pulper

Paper recycling drum pulper is a newly emerging LOCC pulping equipment in recent years, which can effectively save pulping energy consumption, reduce fiber loss, and improve the quality and strength of finished pulp. Leizhan offer paper recycling drum pulper for paper making line.

Main Features of Paper Recycling Drum Pulper

1. The drum pulper uses gentle pulping without destroying the length and strength of waste paper fibers, which can effectively improve the quality of finished pulp and obtain huge added value.
2. In terms of electricity bills, labor costs, and consumable parts costs.
3. The disintegration process does not produce additional fiber sludge, reducing fiber loss and reducing the amount of sludge in water treatment.
4. At the slag discharge point during the crushing process, there is basically no loss of fibers, which reduces the cost of raw materials.
5. It does not damage light and heavy impurities, and can be taken out of the system as soon as possible in the pulping stage, reducing the wear and tear on subsequent equipment, pipelines, pulp pumps, screen drums, and slag cleaners, and reducing maintenance costs.

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