Papermaking felt is a valuable material in the papermaking industry. According to its use, it can be divided into three categories: wet felt, top felt and dry felt. On the machine, it can filter the moisture in the pulp and closely stack the wet paper layers in the multi-wire, so the felt must have good water drainage and durability.

The Role of Papermaking Felt

1. Water filtration function: As a dehydration medium, when the paper web is dehydrated in the vacuum box and press area, the papermaking felt absorbs and filters out the moisture from the paper sheet.
2. Leveling effect: in the process of paper web transfer and dehydration, it can level and modify the paper surface.
3. The function of the conveyor belt: The wire section passes the paper sheet to the drying section through the press section, and drives the passive roller and the mesh cage to run.

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