Low Density Cleaner is a very important pulp cleaner in paper making process. It is used for removing waste impurities such as metal, broken glass, sand, foam plastics, etc.
It can also remove deformed waste impurities such as stickies. This kind of material will be deformed and easily pass through the screening openings. If its density is sufficiently different from that of water, suitable sizes impurities can also be removed by the Low Density Cleaner.

Working Principle
Low Density Cleaner separates waste impurities from fibers by centrifugal force.
When the pulp enters the top of the cleaner from the tangential direction, the pulp flow spirals down along the cone of the skimmer. The movement of the vortex creates a centrifugal force that moves the impurities that are heavier than water toward the inner wall of Low Density Cleaner, while the relative density less than water moves toward the vortex core.

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