The main function of the press section of the paper machine is to remove as much water as possible before the paper enters the drying section, and improve the dryness of the paper. Each 1% increase in the dryness of the output paper can reduce the drying load of the dryer by 4%. Therefore, it can save energy and increase production.

In addition, the press section also has the effect of appropriately increasing the tightness of the paper sheet, increasing the fiber binding force and paper strength, and improving the smoothness.

In order for the press section to perform these functions well, it is necessary to use advanced and applicable equipment, appropriately select felts and improve the operating conditions of the press section.

In Terms Of Press Equipment

It has developed from flat press to liner press, sleeve press, groove press, compound press, wide nip press and shoe press, etc.

In Terms Of Press Felts

Ordinary woven felts have been developed from basic woven felts (Batt-on-Base), weft-free felts (Knuckle Free), bottom-net needle felts (Batt-on-Mesh), and composite felts (Combination Felt). And non-woven felt (Nonwoven Felt), etc., significantly improve the dewatering efficiency and extend the life of the blanket.

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